Fri Oct 21


Personal and Host Family Guardianship Services



I am an independent guardian. My Guardianship is based on a very personal level and I understand the great importance and responsibility towards the children in my charge and also to the families that have entrusted their child's care to me.

I have nine years experience working with children in an independent school environment and have a certificate of authenticity to work with children. I am also a parent with two grown up children of my own and can confidently say that I have significant and practical experience of supporting and caring for children and young people.

My husband Tim and I work together and Tim does much of the escort duties needed for the children, taking them to and from school or the airports.

The service I offer is to act on behalf of parents on all matters concerning your child's stay whilst being educated in the United Kingdom, keeping regular contact with the child to ensure their well-being and welfare, whilst being miles away from their home.

I will undertake responsibility for your child, staying in touch with them at school and you. I will provide a safe and caring supportive family environment for your child to stay in my own home.

We offer two types of Guardianship:

Personal Guardianship, where your child will stay with us personally

and Host Family Guardianship where your child will stay with a host family, although we will be in constant contact with them.

Please see the relevant Fees page for further details.